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16 08, 2016



Established in 1983, Aitech has a long and impressive track record delivering superior cost-performance, reliability, and time-to-market benefits to our customers. In addition, Aitech specializes in customizing our COTS produ cts to meet the specific requirements of Defense, Space and other customers worldwide. Single Board Computers (SBCs) for Space Applications SP0 3U [...]

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28 07, 2016

Quantum 3D


Quantum3D is a leading developer and manufacturer of real-time visual simulation and computing systems. Quantum3D delivers the hardware and software solutions: real-time visual simulation for fast-jet, helicopter, refueling, and ground vehicles; synthetic environment creation for out-the-window or sensor-based needs; field-embedded computing for avionics, vehicle, and man-wearable applications; and hardare-in-the-loop solutions.

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28 07, 2016



SprayCool is a recognized leader in liquid-cooled environmentally sealed enclosure products for defense, aerospace and industrial applications. Unique for its patented two-phase cooling technology, SprayCool has revolutionized how electronics are enabled for use in harsh environments, and works through leading integrators to meet the most demanding requirements for military and industrial applications. Through its products [...]

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28 07, 2016

EADS North America


EADS North America Defense Test & Services designs, manufactures, and services electronic test and measurement equipment, systems, and software from modular instruments to turnkey automatic test systems, which are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including commercial functional test and measurement, laser diode burn-in and production, microcomputer production, and jet engine test. [...]

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28 07, 2016



OPTRA technical capabilities service a wide range of topics, and the entire range of product development stages: from concept development to OEM manufacturing. Nanometer resolution metrology, Detection technology and signal processing, Digital Imaging and Image Analysis Image-based tracking, Laser based interferometry, Laser beam steering systems, Motion control systems Optical design and precision optical assembly, Radiometry, [...]

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28 07, 2016



Sabritec is a highly integrated engineering and manufacturing company providing special interconnect solutions for military, aerospace, telecom, space, test and measurement, and commercial applications. Sabrtec designs and manufactures a full spectrum of interconnects that include Filter connectors, High Speed(Fibre Channel, Ethernet, IEEE 1394 Firewire), Fiber Optic, Coax, and Triax connectors, contacts and cable assemblies. Sabritec [...]

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28 07, 2016

Marlow Industries, Inc.


Thermoelectric Quality & Performance at Competitive Prices Marlow Industries, a subsidiary of II-VI incorporated, is the world leader in quality thermoelectric cooling technology. For more than 30 years, Marlow Industries has developed and manufactured thermoelectric coolers(TECs) and subsystems for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation and telecommunications markets. Marlow prides itself on providing [...]

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28 07, 2016



Get TRUE Battery Power – From All Your Lead-Acid Batteries PulseTech Offers a Total Battery Solutions Program Since 1994 Pulse Tech has offered advanced solutions to the battery problems plaguing vehicles and equipment worldwide. Now, we’ve developed an effective battery maintenance program built on the cornerstone of Diagnostics, Corrective and Preventive Maintenance. Our proven program [...]

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28 07, 2016

EMP Connectors


EMP Connectors, Inc. was fonded in 1987 with the mission of providing the highest quality solutions for military and commercial electromagnetic interference problems. Specializing in the science of electromagnetic compatibility(EMC), EMP Connectors is in the unique position of being able to supply both EMI filtering and EMP transient surge protection in the same compact connector [...]

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28 07, 2016



Utilizing proven connector technology and twelve years of connector experience, J-TECH serves commercial, industrial, defense, entertainment, ground and air transportation markets. J-TECH’s connectors are in products as divergent as Airbus, MD10 and 717 commercial airplanes, heavy cranes and earthmoving equipment, sound systems and stage lighting for concerts, mining, stealth submarines, nuclear aircraft carriers, jet fighters, [...]

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Rocktronics, Inc. (Head Office)

President & CEO : Mr. Stewart Choi
1464 E. Valencia Dr., Fullerton, CA 92831 U.S.A
Tel: 714)578-0500 Fax: 714)578-0505

Rocktronics Korea, Inc. (Branch Office)

Teran Bldg., GangNam-Ku, Seoul, Korea Tel: 02)553-0095 Fax: 02)553-2833

MegaFos, Inc.

(export License / value add / assembly service subsidiary)
Tel: 714)447-0700 Fax: 714)447-0701