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logo_CurtisWrightCurtiss-Wright Embedded Comuting’s embedded computing solutions provide the most innovative and complete product integration services for high density data processing requirements while performing under the most rugged operating conditions and expertise includes state-of-the-art radar and graphics solution, high-speed communication, custom software design and hardware engineering, and manufacturing services. From board level products to fully integrated subsystems, Curtiss-Wright Embedded Computing provide advanced technologies to the aerospace, defense and commercial markets.


Single Board Computers, Digital Signal Processing, Graphics & Video, Communications & I/O, Protocol Switches/Router, Physical Layer Switches & Storage Solutions, System Enclosures, Packaged COTS Systems, Modified COTS, Modified COTS, Subsystem solutions.




Intra-Theatre Transport Airlift: Personnel, equipment Curtiss M1A2 SEP tank 10 Jan 2013.jpg.scale.LARGE

Para-Dropping UAV: Remote Surveillance and attack

Intercontinental Long Range Bomber: Precision bombing without ground based navigation aids

Marine Patrol Aircraft: Ocean Surveillance & anti-submarine

Strike Aircraft: Stealth Supersonic Tactical aircraft

Ground Radar Vehicle: Local communications for battle space participants

Satellite Rocket Launch: Put satellite into orbit for battlefield communications

Non Line of sight cannon, Short Range Combat tank, Command & Control Vehicle

Early Warning Radar Station: early enemy detection warning

Ground radar station, Submarine: Intercontinental missiles and naval surveillance

Amphibian Assault Vehicle: Advanced Amphibian Assault Marine Patrol Helicopter

M.U.L.E. (Multifunction Utility Logistics Equipment): Remote supply, equipment carrier and attack Attack Helicopter: Weapon platform, anti-tank


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