Get TRUE Battery Power – From All Your Lead-Acid Batteries

PulseTech Offers a Total Battery Solutions Program
Since 1994 Pulse Tech has offered advanced solutions to the battery problems plaguing vehicles and equipment worldwide. Now, we’ve developed an effective battery maintenance program built on the cornerstone of Diagnostics, Corrective and Preventive Maintenance. Our proven program includes over 50 innovative products and accessories designed to provide Total Battery Solutions for all types of consumer, commercial and military vehicles.
No Matter what type of vehicle you use, Pulse Tech offers over 50 charging and performance systems that will keep your batteries working harder and linger than ever before. These revolutionary products make every other form of battery maintenance totally obsolete.
Why Pulse Tech Products Are Unique & Effective

They use our revolutionary Pulse Technology – the most effective method available for insuring peak battery performance, extending battery life, reducing your battery-related costs and even recovering dead batteries. Everyday our battery charging and maintenance systems are making a huge impact on battery performance and reliability on vehicles and equipment all over the workd. And they can do the same for you.


ppCheck the condition of your batteries quickly and easily with these four unique battery testers and analyzers. They are easy to use, safe and proven.

Corrective Maintenance

These state-of-the-art charging and maintenance systems are the ideal way to help recover ear and weak batteries. They work with virtually every type of conventional flooded and sealed “maintenance-free” lead-acid batteries, including VRLA, AGM and gel cell.

Preventive Maintenance

These products and accessories have been scientifically proven to help on-vehicle batteries last longer, recharge faster, accept a full charge and release all its stored energy. You get the TRUE power you need.



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