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Thermoelectric Quality & Performance at Competitive Prices
logo_marlowMarlow Industries, a subsidiary of II-VI incorporated, is the world leader in quality thermoelectric cooling technology. For more than 30 years, Marlow Industries has developed and manufactured thermoelectric coolers(TECs) and subsystems for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation and telecommunications markets. Marlow prides itself on providing standard of custom modules and sub-assemblies to meet our customers’ exacting needs. Marlow is Telcordia and ISO9001:2008 compliant and a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winning company.


Thermoelectric Modules

Lower-Temp-Thermoelectric-Module-1319642423_400_320 RoHS compliant, single-stage thermoelectric modules designed for medium to low heat pumping capacity requirements. Typical applications include: thermal reference sources for FLIR calibration, temperature stabilization of bolometers and ferroelectric detectors, laser diode arrays in fiber optic systems, and maintaining constant viscosity in ink jet printers.

RoHS compliant, multi-stage thermoelectric modules designed for medium to low heat pumping capacity requirements. Typical applications include: reducing electronic noise in CCD arrays, reducing the dark current in mid-wave IR detectors and cooling of IR focal plane arrays/multiplexers.

marlowA TTRS is a TE cooler assembly providing a temperature controlled, radiometrically uniform, high-emissivity surface used to calibrate infrared detector arrays.

TTRS assemblies are both hermetically sealed or open devices consisting of a TEC, a high-emissivity, thermally uniform emitting surface and  a temperature-sensing device. Typically, the TECs mounts to a TO-3 or TO-8 header or a custom designed mounting bracket. TTRS’s provide correction for responsively and gain differences via a two-temperature(color) correction. In scanning systems, this is performed using two TTRS devices that are included in the optical field of view. In starring systems, a single TTRS is inserted into the optical field of view, and he temperature is rapidly changed to perform a multi-color correction.


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