logo_optraOPTRA technical capabilities service a wide range of topics, and the entire range of product development stages: from concept development to OEM manufacturing.
Nanometer resolution metrology, Detection technology and signal processing, Digital Imaging and Image Analysis Image-based tracking, Laser based
interferometry, Laser beam steering systems, Motion control systems Optical design and precision optical assembly, Radiometry, Stabilized laser light sources Spectroscopic techniques: Fourier transform
spectrometers, Scanning Fabry-Perot spectrometer Dispersive spectrometers (Prisms, Gratings, etc.), Tunable diode laser spectrometers, Raman spectrometer.



Rocktronics, Inc. (Head Office)

President & CEO : Mr. Stewart Choi
1464 E. Valencia Dr., Fullerton, CA 92831 U.S.A
Tel: 714)578-0500 Fax: 714)578-0505

Rocktronics Korea, Inc. (Branch Office)

Teran Bldg., GangNam-Ku, Seoul, Korea Tel: 02)553-0095 Fax: 02)553-2833

MegaFos, Inc.

(export License / value add / assembly service subsidiary)
Tel: 714)447-0700 Fax: 714)447-0701