logo_EADSEADS North America Defense Test & Services designs, manufactures, and services electronic test and measurement equipment, systems, and software from modular instruments to turnkey automatic test systems, which are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including commercial functional test and measurement, laser diode burn-in and production, microcomputer production, and jet engine test.

Military Systems

Avionics – Sea King AEW, Avionics – Merlin, EQ – System Test, Engine Test, FLITS – Front Line Integrated Test System, Land Systems – Challenger II, Land Systems – Artillery, Missiles – Starstreak, Naval Weapons – Torpedo Test, Navigation – Laser Gyro, Radar – System Test & Radar Communications – System Test

Engineering Solutions

GSA (US Government Service Administration), FAST (Flexible Acquisition and  Sustainment Tool), CR2 (CECOM Rapid Response), DESP II (Design Engineering Support Program) & NAWCAD BPA (Naval Air Warface Center Aircraft Division)

Test Program Set

Challenger II MBT, Merlin Helicopter, Multiple Launch Rocket System, Sea King AEW Mk7 Helicopter & Starstreak Hyper Velocity Missile.

System Products

Burn-In Test, ATEC, DATE, N-GEN Series Engine Test System, N-GEN Series Throttle Positioning System, Satellite – Power System and Payload Test, Telecommunications – Cellular Phone Applications, Medical – Pacemaker Test, Digital Test – Vision Inspection Equipment Test, Guidance – Ring Laser Gyro Assembly Test , Defense – Radar System Test, Weapons Test – Torpedo Electronics Test, Industrial Test – Servo Motor Test, Semiconductor Test – Hybrid Testing & Semiconductor Test – Burn-In Test


Military, Aerospace, Marine, Medical, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, and Commercial Manufacturing

7l-Northrop-Grumman EC725_helicopters